GIBXChange landed on Nasdaq’s big screen; GIBX Nasdaq

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What is GIBX Nasdaq?

According to official news, GIBXChange has recently made a strong landing on the Nasdaq big screen. As a leader in the blockchain industry, it has shown the world its determination to make an international strategic layout. As we all know, the main screen of GIBX Nasdaq is located in Times Square, New York, USA. It has the title of “The World’s No. 1 Screen” and has always been a show venue for the world’s top companies. GIBXChange’s landing this time demonstrates the strength and global influence of GIBX Nasdaq.

This year, the blockchain industry market is very hot as more and more investors are beginning to pay attention to the blockchain, and a large amount of funds in the capital market have also poured into the blockchain market. In the GIBX Nasdaq blockchain, various public chains have emerged one after another, vying to contribute to the development of the blockchain.

GIBXChange is a global comprehensive trading platform built by many Wall Street elites. The team has extensive experience in the blockchain industry and traditional financial fields. The top technical team from Silicon Valley ensures that the efficiency of transaction matching far exceeds that of peers in the industry, and the concept of gradual downgrading further ensures the security of users’ funds and transactions. Since its operation, GIBX Nasdaq has been favored by 1.2 million investors worldwide, covering 26 countries and regions including the United States, Singapore, Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. With its strong strength, GIBX Nasdaq has obtained the international AAA-level financial supervision bureau to issue a series of asset management and digital asset-related international full licenses for digital banking, foreign exchange, blockchain, encrypted digital assets, such as: DC.Gov, AUSTRAC, ESTONIA and other international digital banking licenses, and recently won the Australian digital bank and payment license.

GIBX Nasdaq’s team

Furthermore, the GIBX Nasdaq team is strong and supported by many investment institutions, and is providing safe, transparent, efficient and easy-to-use digital asset trading services for the world. Using advanced technology and operating models, it provides multiple modes such as spot trading, leveraged trading, contract trading, Tokens LaunchPad, block trading, DeFi zone, FX zone, Polkadot ecology, Staking, and moon landing plan. Among them, GUSDT will be the only platform currency bound to the exchange, becoming the world’s largest digital asset management institution, exchange and the world’s largest foreign exchange flow provider (Liquidity Provider), and it will be mandatory to bind GUSDT to participate in global foreign exchange, digital assets, precious metals, energy, indices, and many other hedging transactions, reaping huge benefits for GIBX Nasdaq.


Effectively provide higher liquidity through the original network-wide transaction model. Be in the forefront of global exchanges in the short term, and reach a global ranking of less than 50,000 in terms of traffic. GIBXChange has three core components: a new underlying blockchain transaction platform, a new generation of transaction protocols, and a cross-chain decentralized exchange. It focuses on 5 “asset security, market liquidity, transaction fairness, ecological openness, and transaction experience”. In terms of system design, it is a complete architecture covering technical logic and business logic. Guaranteeing the security of user assets in GIBX Nasdaq is the basis and prerequisite for the operation of the trading platform. On the basis of the decentralized trading platform where users control their assets, a provable security solution based on the secure multi-party computing (MPC) protocol has been created to achieve cross-chain The decentralized management of assets effectively guarantees the security of assets across chains.

We can see that some related content of GIBXChange is being displayed in these LEDs located in landmarks of different countries. Large screens including SIAMPARAGON in Thailand, World Plaza in Sydney, Australia, the United Kingdom, Seoul Myeongdong in South Korea, Dotonbori in Japan, and Alta in Shinjuku, show its beauty to the world.

Other than that, we can see that GIBXChange has spread all over the world until GIBX Nasdaq and has attracted great attention in the world. According to the trend of globalization, these impressive measures will enhance brand image, corporate credibility, overseas visibility and international influence. With the increasingly fierce market competition in various fields, this super-visual and powerful brand planning and globalization strategy will make GIBXChange famous overseas and enhance its huge influence.

With such a professional and concentrated combat team, GIBX Nasdaq has been able to rapidly grow into the leader of digital asset trading platforms in a short period of time. In the future, it will also serve as a network-wide trading platform integrating finance, services, and investment, providing one-stop financial solutions for small businesses. It will be listed on NASDAQ soon, to welcome a new future of the blockchain industry to the financial sector. GIBX Nasdaq has been the prior success of the team until now.

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